• Beautiful Helderfontein Lakes
    Beautiful Helderfontein Lakes
  • Four20 Bespoke at Night
    Four20 Bespoke at Night
  • Helderfontein at Sunset
    Helderfontein at Sunset

Nature Hikes

Four20 Bespoke Hotel has exclusive access to the Helderfontein east gates. Our guests may reserve a hike all the way to Steyn City along the designated walkways, passing the Helderfontein wetlands, manmade dams and natural lakes. A bird lovers paradise, right here in Johannesburg.


Please visit the Four20 Bespoke Hotel reception desk

Report to Reception

All hiking guests must report to reception before the hike. If the hike is scheduled between 06:00 and 08:00, the guests must report to reception the previous day.

Report to Reception that You Have Arrived Safely


Please report to reception that you and your party has arrived safely without incident. Please take a photo of the location where you may have sat down to eat or rest, and that you have cleaned up all of your rubbish after leaving. 

Please also report any rubbish found while on your hike so that it can be cleaned up.


Please note that hiking the Helderfontein wetlands are located on private property. All guests must reserve online, pay the fees to access the wetland, and register with reception before starting the hike. All hikes must be between 06:00 and 18:00. For security reasons, guests must register their phone numbers and emergency contact numbers with Reception, including numbers and details of all guests in your hiking party.

  • It is illegal to access the Helderfontein without permission.
  • Four20 Bespoke Hotel will report trespassers without a confirmed booking or without paying the fee.
  • All trash must be removed from the Helderfontein wetlands.
  • A littering fee of R2,500 will be charged to Four20 Bespoke Hotel guests found to be littering in the Helderfontein wetlands.